Weight Loss Camps For Adults That Work!

Although he's now one pill a day, weight loss camps for adults are still a bit of a struggle, it's the companionship between overweight teens, weight loss camps for adults in Wichita, Kansas besides, he doesn't always shake his fist at the television when the weight loss program comes on. Sometimes they'll lean over and cuddle him. At other times, they'll lean away, mouth open as if to say, 'you can't lose that weight'. Sometimes they laugh.

weight loss camps for adults

There are many weight loss camps for adults in Kansas and Utah, ranging from the fairly serious to the frivolous, each with its own unique package of activities designed to help participants achieve their ideal weight. From the weight loss basics offered by the Weight Watchers program to live-in fitness facilities in Sedalia and North Salt Lake to customized workouts based on an individuals genetic makeup and exercise needs, there is probably a camp to fit your needs in Utah or Kansas. Here are some of the more popular options.

The Ramada Resort in Cedar City has been named by the American Council on Exercise as one of the top ten fitness destinations in the U.S. The Ramada Resort offers two different fitness camps targeting adults. The Family Fitness Camp offers nutrition education, group fitness workouts, and support for children, couples and singles, while the Adult Fitness Camp offers resistance training, running and cycling instruction, personal coaching and competitive fitness competitions. Both programs are instructed by certified fitness instructors.

Greenwoods Resort in South Weber, Utah offers two different weight gain camps for adults in its wellness center. The Greenwoods Resort Fitness and Training Center have a focus on fitness with a heavy emphasis on resistance training to build muscle and lose fat. The program is taught by certified strength and conditioning specialists. The Master Cleanse Program is a ten-day cleansing program that purifies the body, while increasing energy and aiding in weight loss. This is one of the best weight loss camps for adults in South Weber, Utah offering a wide variety of activities and a complete workout experience.

The Tannersville Resort in Tannersville, UT has several weight loss camps for adults available, including the Tannersville Fit Camp, which allows participants to use supplements to lose weight while developing strength. The camp runs daily and participants can elect to do light hiking and bicycling or work out on their own with weights. The camp also uses a cardiovascular machine and water aerobics classes. Participants attend a dinner and breakfast with free flowing drinks and delicious food choices. Both children and adults can enjoy the camp activities, and camp staff will monitor food intake so no one is hungry.

Red Mountain Resort in Southwestern Utah is another resort offering both indoor and outdoor activities, like the Muscle Beach camp, which was created by the Utah Jazz, now called the Westgate Studios. Here, kids can learn to surf, bike, zip line, rock climb, ski or play tennis. Adults can learn how to rock climb at the St. George Mountain Center, or take lessons from the mountain biking instructors. Other activities include tennis, cheerleading and dancing.

In Cedar City, there are several camps offering both fitness activities and weight loss training. At the Cedar City Health Club, there are fitness camps, like the Canyon Ranch or the Ranch Bootcamp, which offer yoga, cycling, strength training, swimming, running or hiking. The Yulloise Marine Science Center in Cedar City offers many summer programs including water sports, hikes, nature studies and other fun summer activities. These fitness camps are available throughout the year, and fitness camps for children are offered at Cedar City Memorial Day and St. George Summer Camp, also throughout the year.

The Larch Tree Resort in North Salt Lake City has a Weight Loss camp that helps adults lose weight. The camp hosts fun activities such as hiking, biking and dancing. This camp offers many nutritious and delicious meals that are combined with fun and fitness exercises. Adults who attend this camp receive great nutrition and learn the art of healthy eating. There is a campfire each night, and campfire cookouts each day, plus exercise classes that help adults burn more calories.


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