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Advantages Of Email Marketing To Market Your Weight Loss Program

Yes, its that time of the year for the biggest weight loss ad binge. Magazines (such as those here below) feature huge cover stories on weight loss. And weight loss advertisement seems to be all over, especially on those new year s books. This leaves many wondering just how to find and use those slimming magazines. So we decided to give you some advice on how to look for them. First off, you need to understand the weight loss ad trends. For the past several years, magazines have been trumping television ads in terms of their success rate. Although some wonder if this is because magazines are catering to an older consumer base, most experts believe the switch is due to weight loss advertisements becoming more mainstream. The result: less of a stigma about being overweight and/or obese. Also, magazines that cater to the "hollywood" crowd tend to be more explicit than those that cater to the "everyday woman". That means the weight loss ad you see may not fea

How To Choose The Best Weight Loss Ad

An increasing number of weight loss ad campaigns stress the idea of being 'thin', as if being thin was an indication of health and wealth. Advertisements are even being created that stress losing weight as part of a woman's empowerment process. One such ad campaign features a beautiful, slim model lying on a beach, with text stating simply, 'It's Time To Lose Weight'. The text underneath the photo states, 'ristally healthy.' The implication is that the model has lost weight through diet and exercise and is now looking into ways to be truly 'in shape'. Older, outdated weight loss ad approaches stress that there are only a few options when it comes to losing weight. Often these ads stress that only by losing a certain amount will you have a healthy lifestyle or that losing any weight at all is dangerous and unhealthy. Some even stress that one size fits all when it comes to being thin. Other adverts stress that because a person is not slim

Weight Loss Ad Formatting Options

Yes, its that time o time of year for the weight loss ad boom. Magazines (including this one below) feature huge cover stories on slimming down. And weight loss ad campaigns seem to be everywhere - especially in those new year s magazines. It is great that people are finally getting healthy. But I wonder if this is the right time for ad campaigns. When was the last time you saw a Weight loss ad? When was the last time you saw one in your local magazine or your favorite doctor's office? Most likely you saw one or two in either place. This is not surprising because many people are trying to lose weight and are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars for help. But there are many ways to spend money that don't involve the average consumer. The Food and Drug Administration, the main regulator of ads for health products, is reviewing whether weight loss advertisements could become deceptive. If they did, then companies could be prosecuted for lying about the effe